Women Hair Loss Treatment

Women hair loss treatment



Women find their hair to be a vital part of their beauty;  Thus,  they are always looking for the latest new women hair loss treatment available in the market. On the other hand, female hair loss is a total devastation and the psychological impact is considerably huge.



Causes of hair loss in women

1. Heredity

The first and the most important reason is the heredity. If your family has a hair loss history, there is a big chance that you will encounter some hair loss problems during your life.

2. Androgenic alopecia

Now, if you have a condition called the Androgenic alopecia which currently affects the 2% of the population. When you have this condition, there is a good chance you are going to lose a lot of your hair. Basically over your whole body, and if that happens, it is really difficult to cure the hair loss. But Dr. will most likely prescribe some medication to lower the symptoms.

3.  After Pregnancy

If you are losing hair after you had your baby, in most cases,  it is only temporary and it happens within the first 6 months after having your baby. The reason for this is the fact that there is a higher estrogen level during pregnancy, which might result in keeping the hair follicles in the growth phase. But,  right after you have your little one,  the estrogen level suddenly drops causing some hair loss.  Most likely, Hair  will start growing again after the 6 months period.

4. Stress and anxiety

Be aware that too much stress and physical stress can cause female to lose hair. If this is the case, find something to relax yourself with (Take a break or a vacation to release the stress, exercise regularly, Yoga is great for stress and anxiety management). YOU have to get the stress out of your life so your hair will stop falling and start growing.

Women Hair Loss Treatment

Compared to men, there is not that much women hair loss treatment. The reason behind that is the medication currently being offered in the market, will definitely help you re-grow your hair.  BUT, the problem is that you might get a beard too! You probably would not like that right?

Now if this just started happening to you, don’t delay going to the Dr.  He should be informed of your condition and he will most likely prescribe the estrogen in order to correct your hair loss.

THE ONLY recommended  women hair loss treatment nowadays is  Minoxodil or Anthralin. The initial stage can be treated well and promoting hair growth in women and the response to the treatment is also extremely good.

Minoxidil is found in Rogaine Prodcuts. It was in the begining prescribed as tablets for high blood pressure patients.

After, Drs have observed that patients taking Minoxidil tablets got a considerable hair growth. So, after some researches, Drs have found that applying a small amount of minoxidil soltution on the scalp works wonderfully and stimulate hair growth without getting a beard ! and without any side effects.

In fact, women should always apply a 2% minoxidil Rogaine on their scalp. The 5% dose is left for the men.


Probably the best women hair loss treatment out there is Rogaine for women or Provillus for women containing 2% Minoxidil as there are proven to work, and all women see great results after a very short time of using this treatment.

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