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Think Exercise has Nothing To Do With Hair Loss?

hair loss and exerciseI bet you think exercising is only good for weight loss? You are not wrong, but not entirely true! Did you know that exercising can help you with your hair loss problems?

I know, you might be saying right now “whatever” BUT there is a very strong connection between working out and hair loss.

How are these two things related, really?

Well, the most obvious fact is that exercise improves the bloodstream. One of the main responsibilities of the bloodstream is to provide the body with oxygen – every single part of the body needs oxygen. So the better the bloodstream, the more oxygen is pushed to every single cell of your body and skin. Which at the same time means that your head`s skin is getting more oxygen – which is the biggest essential if you want to stop hair loss!

As for the types of exercising that help to stop hair loss – you should focus as much as possible on cardio exercises. On faster, more intense exercises rather than just lifting weights. Such fast and intense exercises skyrocket the bloodstream and believe it or not, help not only to lose weight, but to stop losing hair! Swimming, running, jogging, playing basketball, or just playing outside can do miracles for your hair.

I know, I know you HATE exercising! Don’t worry! You`re not alone! Provillus ; is a good alternative. Try it and see by yourself.

How To Improve Hair Growth By Exercising – The FUN Way!

Remember I promised to let you know of some cool ways to exercise to help improve your hair growth?

Well I`m back – and I just can`t wait to share this because I am pretty sure you will get addicted 🙂

Ok, so what are those exercises, that can help you so much with hair loss?

First, let me tease you a bit and remind you that those exercises have to be very short ones, and very intense ones. Why? Just because this is how you are able to skyrocket your bloodstream and improve your overall health!

Most common exercise you might think of, is probably running. And yes, it can help a bit. But to be honest, it`s easier than that!

All you have to do, is give this exercise routine 4 minutes – 3 times per day. Not more, not less. And the best part is, you can do that during TV commercials!

So let`s start with the exact techniques. In fact, there are no strict rules on the techniques, except for one thing – and let me repeat it – the exercises MUST be short, and must be done EXTREMELY fast.

Here is what you can do for those 4 minutes at home:

1) You can dance! Stop worrying about the way you look – you are having fun! PLUS, you are improving your health! Invite your family, they will have fun too! 4 minutes, a very fast dance.

2) Jumping: up and down, up and down. You might wanna get a jumping rope, and you can! Just do that FAST.

3) Anything else you can think of.

Now, how do you know if you do those exercises correctly?

There`s something that will let you know if you`re doing them right – and that`s your heart rate. During those 4 minutes, you don`t even start sweating – but after you are finished with the exercise, you will feel your heart rate doubled, or even tripled! You will feel your breathing!

By the way, did you know that correct breathing can also improve your health condition and stop hair loss? This is no joke – and I will prove this to you in my next post.



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