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Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Ways to Hide Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Hair Loss After PregnancyDuring your pregnancy you probably had a really nice set of curls right? Now you should know that most women suffer from gradual or sudden hair loss after pregnancy. This is mainly due to “raging hormones”.

Here is when it is going to happen. The hair loss after pregnancy can be noticed in different times – after parturition or after nursing stopped. It can really be nerve wracking to see the clumps of hair coming out while showering or during combing. For many women this happens around six months after childbirth.

The main cause of the Hair loss after pregnancy is that your body is trying to nourishing the new born and your body as much as possible, and because of it, your hair suffers.

There are other reasons for hair loss after childbirth. The hormones, which are causing normal hair loss are completely lost during pregnancy. You had too much hormones going on while you were pregnant, but NOW, when the baby is here, your homones level goes back to normal. Most of the hair loss is going to happen around the ears, close to the hairline, and near the temples.

You can use the volumizing tonic to get this hair problem corrected. This hair growth product is free from alcohol, and is also natural and is readily available at drugstores. Or you may want to just change your hair do until the problem stops. In most cases, within few months the problem will go away. You just need to give your body some time to adjust.

Now you may be thinking, I don’t have the time to do that. Listen, you are not in this by yourself. Just talk to your hubby and see if he can help you with the baby, so you can get a new hair do.

If your hair loss after pregnancy is very noticeable, you can get the hair accessories such as the ponytail with hanging pearls. These hair accessories can be used as useful hair-helpers to mask hair loss.

Even headbands are the perfect fit in areas of hair loss especially near the temple or over the ears and around the hairline. A beautiful twist or bun can be easily created in seconds using claw or condor clip by the busy new moms.

Don’t worry, this hair loss after pregnancy is just temporary. All you really need to do is change few things and wait it out. It will stop as soon as your body is use to it! Keep in mind…If you hair loss gets out of control, you can try Provillus as it is the best hair loss product in the market right now.

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